In giving we receive

Without external financial support RAPHAEL would simply cease to exist.

It is indebted to its friends – overseas and domestic; institutional and individual – for their unstinting assistance.

General Fund

Rs. 7000 to support a child with disability for a month.

Detection and Treatment of TB

Rs. 5425 to support a patient in the TB hospital for 15 days.

resident in lifelong care

Rs. 3400 to support a resident in lifelong care for a month.


Alternately an individual or an institution can make a significant contribution, say a large sum of money to our corpus say Rs. 10 lakh or more. Raphael will invest the amount and utilise only the returns on the investment to meet its expenses thus enhancing its self-sustainability.

How you can help



We welcome volunteers/interns, overseas and Indian. We provide accommodation and food, at a minimal cost.



Donations can be made in a variety of ways towards any of our 3 main focus areas.