Raphael school starts reopening

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Smiling faces, laughter and excitement…… the look of students coming back to school after nearly a year.

The students in Raphael have started trickling back following all COVID19 guidelines/ protocols, such as, thermal screening, masks and sanitizing their hands at the gate. The decision to send children back to school was difficult for families of children with intellectual, physical and developmental disabilities, and also for the organization.

This year has been particularly difficult for children with special needs. Though the children were attending regular online classes, they were facing unique challenges and considerations. Children with disabilities rely on special education teachers who are specifically trained to help children with extra needs. These children also benefit from in-person by learning to grow emotionally, develop friendships and learn coping skills which was very difficult in online classes. Many of them live in remote areas of Uttarakhand where there electricity is erratic, limited connectivity if any, and a lack of equipment.

Both staff and students seem happy with the onset of normalcy.